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Type of Service

Type of Services

The type of services provided by HOWE Engineering Projects (India) Private Limited (HEPIPL) are broadly falls under following categories:

  • Feasibility studies, Project Appraisals, Financial and Economic Analysis
  • Site Selection, Land-use Plan, Technical Due-Diligence
  • Conceptual Planning, Master Planning
  • Traffic Study, Analysis and Projections
  • Technical studies, Project Planning, Pre-Tender Services, Detailed Project Reports
  • Field Investigations and Model Studies (TOR/Scope, Supervision, Interpretation)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Clearances
  • Detailed Engineering, Drawings, Specifications, Bill of Quantities, Contract Documents
  • Value Engineering and Design Optimisation Services
  • Automation and IT based Solutions
  • Performance Improvement Studies for Ports and Terminals. Up-gradation and Mechanisation of old Terminals
  • Tender Analysis, Assistance in Contract Negotiations and Award of Contracts
  • Independent Engineer/Lender’s Engineer/Promotor’s Engineer
  • Material and equipment procurement services
  • Construction supervision, Monitoring and Project Management, Quality and Cost Control, Commissioning
  • Organisation and Management Studies and evolving Operation Procedures and Operation Manuals
  • Training and Transfer of Technology
  • Problem Solving and Trouble Shooting in respect of Projects