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Multi-purpose Port Terminal At Navinal Island - Consulting Engineering Services For Mechanised Handling System For Phase-ia

Client: Adani Port Limited, Ahmedabad

Location: Navalanki, Mundra, Gujarat, India

HOWE were commissioned to provide Detailed Engineering Services to the Client for Mechanical and Electrical works of Phase-I (a) for Mechanised Handling of the following products at the New All-weather Port being created at Navalanki near Mundra in Gujarat:

  • Export facility for Soya Meal (0.87 MTPA) and Wheat (0.6 MTPA) for loading into ships ranging in size from 10,000-30,000 DWT for Soya Meal and 10,000-45,000 DWT for Wheat.

On the shore construction of conventional type of Covered Warehouses (Godowns) is in progress. One 50 m wide x 180 m long Covered Warehouse has already been constructed.

The overall development is planned in four major phases, Phase1 to 4, of which Phase 1 is further split into `Phase 1a and Phase 1b.

HOWE’s scope of consultancy, inter alia, includes the following:

Mechanical Works

  • Modification of the existing Warehouse for utilisation as bulk storage.
  • Design of the Mechanical Facilities for Emptying and Discharging manually bled bags onto conveyor(s) for either storing material in bulk inside Ware- house or for loading Tipper Trucks directly from Bleeding Lines at Truck Loading Station at a rate not less than 400 TPH.
  • 18-T Tipper Trucks to be utilised for transporting the cargo to the designated berth for ship loading from the Ware -house/Truck Loading Station
  • Tipper Trucks are loaded either at the Truck Loading Station or at the Bulk Storage Shed(s) by Wheel Loaders
  • Patented Shiploader(s) at the Berth, with rated shiploading capacity @ 1000 TPH, fed by Travelling Hopper receiving material by Tipper Truck and conveying the same to Shiploader through the conveyor.
  • Integration of this semi-mechanised scheme to fully automated system at a later development stage
  • Antistatic type of belting has been proposed for the conveying system to help dissipate static electric charges that are likely to develop during handling.
  • A Static Truck Weigh Scale Station registers the gross weight of each truck leaving the Truck Loading Station and the Bulk Storage shed. The Truck Loading Station will have two Loading Hoppers, each of about 20T capacity
  • Each empty truck will be weighed during return journey by a different group of Weigh Scales. A centralised Electronic console would determine the net weight carried to Berth by each truck
  • Piping layout of the Fire-fighting System There will be Wet Type Ring Main with Hydrant System using sweet water around the Bulk Storage Sheds.

Electrical Works

  • Internal Lighting of the Warehouse
  • The entire operation will be PLC-based Control System installed in the Electrical Room and will be controlled by Supervisors located at “Strategic” Activity Centres such as:
    • The Bleeding Area
    • The Bulk Storage(s)
    • The Truck Loading Station
    • The Loading Berth
    • PA and Radio Communication system