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Development Of Container Terminal (Ct-1) At Hazira

Client: Adani Hazira Port Private Limited

Location: Hazira, Gujarat

Adani Hazira Port Private Limited (AHPPL) is developing bulk and general cargo handling facilities at Hazira Port in Gujarat on the west coast of India under Sub-Concession with Hazira Port Private Limited (HPPL). AHPPL has completed construction of 2 container berths. The container terminal has started operations in the 2012.

HOWE has worked on this project from its RFP stage. HOWE has provided technical bid advisory services to Adani Ports for its bid submission to Shell Hazira. After securing the bid, Adani group delegated the responsibility of project management consultancy to HOWE. The broad scope of HOWE includes from planning, engineering, estimation, commercial aspects, quality, construction supervision at site etc.

Salient Infrastructures:
  • 2 container berths – deep draft berths capable of handling Panamax vessels.
  • Length of approach channel is 1200 meters & turning circle is 600 meters
  • 4 tugs with a total towing power of 250 tons
  • Container terminal – 20 ha approx.
Container handling infrastructure:
  • RMQCs – 4 nos. RMQC: 65m outreach with 22 across, 20m back-reach
  • E-RTGs layout 7+1: 26.5m span, 1 over 5 high – 12 nos.
  • Interval Transport Vehicles (ITVs). reach stackers & trailers
  • Container terminal management systems (CTMS) to support the terminal’s 24 x 7 operations, provide real time visibility and operational